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Is your building’s fire safety system compliant?

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Cairns Certified Fire Testing

NQ Fire is a Fire Protection Service, specialising in detailed evaluation and solutions to the following disciplines:

  • Fire Protection Engineering Services
  • Passive Fire Protection

Our more than 25 year history continues to be built on excellence along with a commitment to understanding and implementing our client’s needs to achieve their goals, budgets and schedules through both creative and time-tested solutions.

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NQ Fire provides Certified Fire Testing services to ensure the safety and quality of various building materials and structures. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, NQ Fire tests the fire resistance of materials and assesses their compliance with relevant building codes and standards.

With our mobile testing truck, we can service the entire Far North Queensland region. The fire testing services provided by NQ Fire guarantee that buildings are built to the highest standards of safety and durability, providing peace of mind to both builders and occupants.

Flow & Pressure Testing

We provide Flow testing performance using flow meters attached to hydrants.

Fire hydrant block plans

A block plan must be installed at each hydrant booster, fire pump room & fire control room.

Hydrant Commissioning

Hydrant commissioning is one of the final documents standing between you and practical completion.

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