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Hydrant flow and pressure testing

Hydrant commissioning is one of the final documents standing between you and practical completion. Your Occupational Certificate (OC) depends on your producing a report to your certifier advising, test location, test methodology and performance results. We provide Flow testing performance using flow meters attached to hydrants.

If the system fails, we do not walk away, we will engage with all parties to find a solution of the failure.


Hydrant boost testing

A boost test using a pumping appliance (our Little Red Fire Truck) simulates Fire Brigade operations when firefighting. This test confirms there are no obstructions or impediments between the booster assembly and the most disadvantaged remote fire hydrant.

The flows/pressures required through the Fire Brigade Boosters can be substantial flows that only a fire pumping appliance (our Little Red Fire Truck) can provide.


Hydrostatic Test

The entire fire system shall be pressurized, to not less than 1.5 times the highest pressure or 1700 Kpa, whichever is the greater. The test shall be applied for duration of not less than 2 hours.


Street Main Testing – Flow and pressure snapshot

This service is available to fire design teams, developers and fire protection companies to determine the available flow and pressure of the street main (at time of test)

For developers and fire system designers – this information is used to determine how the fire system is to be incorporated into the construction. Town’s main feed, or tank – water supply availability is critical.

For fire protection businesses – for maintenance, service and certification and upgrades – being able to measure the actual street water flow and pressure available is used for determining if the available pressure and flow had diminished over time due to an increase on the demand or possibly there is a street valve not fully open or a blockage.

NQ Fire will assist in gathering the actual street main pressure and flow and obtaining the Local Authority water flow and pressure, and graph the results to show potential inconstancies or restrictions.

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